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Boutique Mortgage Banker Finds Success In Targeted Niche With Creative Offerings and A Consultative

One of the great thing about the world of real estate investing is that it represents fantastic opportunities for people who can find more than one way to solve a problem—people like Emil Khodorkovsky, the president of Forbix Capital Corp., a California-based boutique mortgage banker for residential and commercial loans.

Last year, the company achieved a loan volume of $200 million. While financing for multifamily properties is a specialty—including conventional, FHA and Fannie Mae loans—Khodorkovsky and his team also support financing for health care properties, senior living, new construction, retail—even loans for first-time homebuyers.

“We do hard-money loans,” he said. “Clients invest with us, and we loan out their money.”

Forbix, he said, can take clients from their first home to their first investment property and beyond.

“I think the biggest thing that separates us is knowing the business from more than one angle,” he said.


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